17 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Liking Generously”

  1. I love the bit about being intentional in our communities. I’m guilty of being a lurker, but I’ll excuse myself by saying I’ve been so busy with moving and such. Life just gets in the way sometimes, right? I’ve been trying to at least dedicate more time to one social media platform at a time, along with trying to get in more blog reading and commenting!

    1. It’s been really difficult to keep up with reading and commenting on blogs this summer. I find twitter is an easy way for me to keep engagement until I have time to thoroughly go back and read and comment.

  2. Any mention of changes in season is so exciting – especially when it’s fall! Loved the “White Space” link from Brittany’s blog. It was very insightful!

  3. I can feel fall coming too, and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing my post. I loved the unexpected travel items post — I also always bring Ziploc bags. I try to keep a couple of extra quart-sized bags in my carry-on just in case one of us (usually Dan) gets to the airport and realizes we forgot to shift all the liquids into a baggie.

  4. I liked Joy’s Instagram tips especially liking other people’s posts. I think it is one way to build community and encourage others at the same time. I love to find out what other people pack in their carry on bags. My ear plugs are a must-have item.

  5. I don’t really comment much, but I love your blog and your list of links is always so good! Thank you for sharing it. I loved JTB’s idea of being generous with likes, so I thought I’d chime in and say I love your blog. 🙂

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