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^ A sneak peek of our photoshoot with Kate (I really do love that woman)! Stay tuned for more 😉

I was probably four or five when my mother gave me a coral chubby lipstick from Mary Kay. Like a lot of mothers in the 80s, my mom had a variety of Mary Kay products sprinkled throughout her bathroom. My mom’s mirror and vanity were magical places for this little blonde. I remember holding on to that coral lipstick for years!

I love wearing make-up. I feel more put together with even a light application of concealer and mascara (especially with glasses since my eyes can get lost!). Despite my acne issues, my actual skin texture is pretty decent. I’m very thankful for that. My current make-up routine is heavier on the blush/bronzer and lighter on the eyes and lips. I enjoy a good lipstick, but at work it melts off faster than you can say, “Triple venti, non-fat, extra hot, upside down, with whip caramel macchiato.” 😉

Last summer I became obsessed with watching beauty videos on YouTube. Not only have I learned new techniques, but I’ve found products that work based off personal recommendations. The channels I watch are a mix of professional vloggers (who have sponsors, which help them afford to try lots of different brands) and your everyday girls next door.

These are my current favorite YouTube channels, but I am constantly finding new people to follow!

/ / Essie Button. This London-based beauty guru uses a mixture of high and low-end beauty products in her videos. Her coloring is similar to mine (except darker hair) so her looks are something I can replicate.

/ / The Small Things Blog. Kate’s videos are a mixture of beauty favorites and make-up/hair tutorials. Kate also has similar coloring to me so I can recreate the looks and products she shares.

/ / Tati. Based in LA, Tati’s style is pretty glamorous but her brand reviews are really helpful. If I am curious about trying a product from a specific line, I will search her archives to see what she has to say!

/ / The Cup of Tea Blog. Katie’s monthly favorite videos are really informative to watch. She isn’t a professional and thus isn’t going to waste money on a product she won’t use!

/ / Twist Me Pretty. Abby’s channel is a new discovery and her hair tutorials are amazing! My braid game has received a major revamp.

Are you hooked on any YouTube channels? I would love to hear what you’re enjoying.

A few of my current favorite products!

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20 thoughts on “Makeup + YouTube”

  1. What a lovely lovely photo! I am still, at 31, so makeup stupid – but I wish I weren’t. I follow Kate and Katie already but need to actually sit down and experiment with my own products (scary).

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these You Tube channels! I have no idea how to use makeup but these seem like great resources to start learning! Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention!! Those other Youtubers are so amazing – so I’m shocked you’ve listed me amongst them. You are so sweet!! Tati is a relatively new YT’er to me, but I SO wish I had her skills. I also love that she does a fair mix of highend and drugstore products. Essie cracks me up with her banter. 🙂

  4. Your photo is gorgeous! I enjoy the Charlotte Tilbury YouTube Tutorials. I also watch Maskcara on YouTube. I will check out your other recommendations. I like Essie Button and Kate too!

  5. I haven’t tried youtube yet for beauty. I try it for everything else I need to try to fix…. trust me… I need to start using it for beauty. 🙂

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