Family Photos When Nothing Has Changed

© Kate De La Rosa

Jordan and I used to send out yearly holiday cards. The photos weren’t professional — just something fun from the previous year. When we started trying to expand our family and subsequently ran into issues, my desire to send out cards vanished. I envisioned that our yearly photos would serve to document our expanding family.

“It has to be this year, right?” Or “At least by my next birthday.”

With each passing year, I found it increasingly more depressing to send a photo that still included two people. Even though we’ve been making a lot of great changes (moving across the country, starting a new business, traveling etc.) On the outside it looks like everything has stayed the same. Why document it?

Writing this out sounds pretty pathetic, but it’s the truth.

© Kate De La Rosa

Towards the end of last year, amongst doctors appointments and adjusting to our new home, I came to the realization I would regret not having professional photos taken of us. Whether or not a baby would be born in 2015, we needed to make this happen! We haven’t had any since our wedding and while I love our wedding photos they aren’t in the most natural of settings, you know? Plus, Jordan is also still sporting a bit of a mullet from his band days.

In addition, this October marks our 10 year dating anniversary. I’m learning to celebrate the phase of life we’re in. I would love for these photos to announce something exciting, but our marriage is worth celebrating. I don’t need any other reason!

© Kate De La Rosa

© Kate De La Rosa

© Kate De La Rosa

Once I decided to have photos taken, I needed to choose the photographer. Jordan and I know a lot of camera people, but truly there was only one person I wanted: Kate De La Rosa. I secretly decided several years ago Kate would take maternity photos of me (and I hope one day that dream will happen!). I love her ability to capture the personality of her clients in a natural setting. Not only is she a kick-ass photographer, she’s a wonderful momma, a true sweetheart, and a very dear friend.

In April, Jordan and I had brunch with Kate, her husband, Erick, and their family. During our time together, I asked if she would be willing to take photos of us. She said yes! We already knew we were coming home in July, so we decided to put it in the books. The stars (and weather) aligned so we ventured out to a special beach in Chicago! I am so glad I didn’t put this off any longer! We couldn’t be happier with the results.

© Kate De La Rosa

© Kate De La Rosa

I had to stop myself from posting even more photos from our day. I can’t recommend Kate any higher. If you are looking for a photographer for family, personal or wedding needs, hire Kate! You can contact her directly here.

© Kate De La Rosa

© Kate De La Rosa

© Kate De La Rosa

© Kate De La Rosa

Photography © Kate De La Rosa

36 thoughts on “Family Photos When Nothing Has Changed”

  1. These turned out beautifully! I’m glad you decided that the two of you alone were worth a special photoshoot! There will be plenty of fuller family photos in your future 🙂

  2. I love that you guys did this! Makes me smile. After all, as my mom was telling me lately, “You’re still a family, even when there’s only two of you.” We’ve never had professional photos taken since our wedding–usually it doesn’t seem necessary since enough family members or friends have decent cameras…but then again, how often do we even make time to point the cameras at the two of us? We’re coming up on our 5th anniversary, better make it happen!

  3. Girl, these photos are amaaaaazing! The first one reminds me of Max Wanger’s style and immediately had to see who the photog was! So obsessed. Y’all are a precious couple, and I’m so happy y’all decided to get these photos taken. Y’all are worth being celebrated!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Great choice to go for the two of you family pics! Keep crying out to the Lord to give you the desire of your heart for a child. His ways are perfect and He is good and faithful!

  5. What a lovely post and such a reminder of why it’s so important to focus on what matters, which is your marriage and celebrating that like you said…even in the face of challenges and setbacks. Your photos turned out amazingly beautiful and I’m so happy you decided to go through with getting them taken. In the end they’re beautiful reminders of what you have in this life and that’s the bond you share with your husband and it’s apparent in these photos. I can only imagine your struggles but hang in there as I know God is faithful and through this He will be with you and guide you where you need to be in this season of life. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kelly for your encouraging words. I recently heard a sermon about how the Bible specifically calls to honor marriage but not parenthood. Not that raising children isn’t important but safe guarding your marriage and lifting up marriage in the church is really important. Something to think about for sure.

  6. These photos are gorgeous – what a photog (& what subjects!!) I am so glad you chose to have these done. You will not regret it, whereas often people regret the things they *didn’t* do. I particularly love the 1st one you shared and the closeup B&W where Jordan is turned slightly into you. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you guys did this! I couldn’t agree with you more — your marriage is worth celebrating and documenting. Also, you guys are adorable (and you are beautiful!!) and the photos turned out amazing. I think my favorite is the one where you’re leaning against him with your hands up, and his hand is on your arm. It’s so natural and affectionate.

  8. These photos are beautiful! I think that’s a wonderful idea to continue documenting each year – to celebrate every year of your marriage. All of our friends at church all have 2+ children while we are the only couple our age with none. I’ve felt a little silly thinking of sending holiday cards out with just the two of us when everyone else is sending tons of cards with their growing families + cute babies. I totally need to change my attitude about this! 🙂

  9. I Love that you did this!! Pictures are the best way to capture life, and even though it’s not gone as planned, it’s where the Lord wants you right now. You’ll look back at these someday and miss the simplicity of 2. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how and when God grows your family.

  10. Well for one, ALL of these pictures are SO SO GOOD! I love that you guys did this! 🙂 And no, you are not pathetic for thinking about holiday cards and your family expanding – I have totally been there too. I really love this idea though… to continue to document chapters. Love this!

  11. these look so great!!! 🙂 I think getting photos done professionally is a great way to document each year. Maybe I’m biased because I was in the photography business, but I tell everyone they are so worth it. Love the photos & congratulations on 10 years!! 😀

  12. This spoke to me so much! I did the same thing when we were fighting infertility. I skipped a couple years of sending cards, because it just seemed pointless. Even if that’s not how *anyone else* looks at your Christmas cards, it felt like yet another missed milestone to me. Good for you for taking photos anyway – they are gorgeous, and you’ll be so happy to have them. My heart is with you!!

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