Currently / / August

Currently / / August

Creating | My grocery shopping list, always. 🙂 And some future travel plans! 

Wishlisting | My birthday is next month and my eyes are set on shoes. When I shared the 10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own, I mentioned I lack a pair of versatile heels. Most of my investment pieces have come from saving birthday and Christmas money.

Hoping | I’m hoping (and praying) for peace and clarity. I took an unintentional break from any fertility treatments this summer and it’s been nice, but I know that questions still need to be answered and thus the doctor’s appointments will need to resume soon. Appointments for the very best reason, of course. 🙂 

Eating | Fruit and vegetables from our weekly CSA! I’m eating a lot less meat this summer mainly because my refrigerator is overflowing with fruits and vegetables. What is your favorite way to use eggplant? I’m a little lost considering I can’t make eggplant parmesan.

Watching | I was telling Jordan the other day I’m having difficulty finishing television shows. I’ll begin a new season or series and get about half-way before abandoning ship. I don’t seem to have this problem for the shows Jordan and I watch together. Over the weekend, we began Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp which is even better than the movie.

Most days you’ll find me watching beauty videos on YouTube. I just have them play in the background while I’m writing or editing photos. If ever I am curious about a product I search for reviews — it’s helped me avoid purchasing duds! Zabrena’s eyeshadow tutorials are literally works of art, but her Frugal Fridayz videos are my favorite to watch right now!

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  1. Hey lovely lady 🙂 I’m glad you gave yourself permission to take a summer “sabbatical” 🙂 from the fertility treatments. They can be draining. Praying for you today 🙂 Also, I have a slight addiction to eggplant. My favorite way is to either grill it OR the easiest way? Broil it! For realz, its so quick and yummy. I like it with coconut aminos, cinnamon and coconut oil. I know it sounds weird, but trust me 😉 Here’s a link to the recipe:

  2. ahhhh grocery shopping lists – they can be so fun and so daunting at the same time! ha!
    praying for clarity is so….divided. it’s moments of joy and moments of crying out in frustration and concern – just continue to remind yourself that the Lord goes before you.
    and i need to join our local CSA – get myself full of veggies and fruit!
    and i want to watch that show – is it good?!?!
    i also don’t always finish shows either – it’s like a finality to it and i want to hold it open.

  3. I recommend making a ratatouille with it! Basically tons of veggies and tomatoes cooked for a long period of time. Serve over – GF pasta or even over chicken. It’s great with baked garlic bread!

  4. WHAS is awesome! Do you guys watch Big Brother? We love it. :). You can’t really come in mid season tho.

    My fave way to use eggplant is to sautee it with a bunch of other veggies and use said Veg mixture on a veggie sandwich. I like to sear my bread in some butter. So yummy. Target has seriously upped their delicious sauce game so you can find all sorts of delish condiments to add.

    1. We don’t watch Big Brother. We were a survivor family — I kind of feel like people watched one or the other!

      I took your advice and just added the eggplant to my usual squash mixture. I’m not sure I love eggplant on its own.

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