A Lemon Berry Cocktail with LaCroix

Cocktails with LaCroix

Earlier this summer, I shared a recipe on Lauren’s blog. After toying around with several ideas, I decided to make a cocktail with the remains of a bottle of blueberry vodka sitting lonesome in our fridge. Jordan and I regularly replace tonic water (for our gin and tonic nights) with LaCroix, but I was eager to create another, more fruity, cocktail using LaCroix.

Recipe | Serves 1, 6 oz glass:

3 oz Lemonade (we used Santa Cruz Organic, which still has more sugar than I’d like to have included)
2 oz Blueberry Vodka (we used Smirnoff)
1 oz Lemon La Croix
Handful of frozen blueberries

Combine the lemonade and blueberry vodka in a shaker or Mason jar with a secure lid. Shake well. Poor over ice. Top with Lemon La Croix and garnish with a few frozen blueberries.

The end result of this Lemon Berry Cocktail? Delicious!

Cocktails with LaCroix

What interesting recipes have you used LaCroix in??

Cocktails with LaCroix

10 thoughts on “A Lemon Berry Cocktail with LaCroix”

  1. I love La Croix! I have not used it in any fun recipes yet, but I love sipping the coconut flavor and pretending I am relaxing on the beach in the Caribbean. 🙂

  2. I’ve been drinking cran-raspberry La Croix with the juice of half a lime squeezed in all summer when 4 or 5pm rolls around and I feel like I just need a little something… refreshing and pretends to be a little cocktail when you’re trying to hold off on actually having one, ha! But the actual cocktail version sounds even better – will have to try.

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