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Last year I shared six of my favorite podcasts. My love of streaming radio (IE podcasts) has only continued to increase and I thought it was time to update that list.

While I still listen to the original six I mentioned, I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of the podcast genre I call, people-candidly-talk-about-the-random-things-they-love. These types of shows are a little more talk radio and a little less structured news segments.

The Gilmore Guys | My love of Gilmore Girls runs deep. I watched from the Pilot episode and own all seven seasons on DVD. GG ended right at the time when social media became a thing and thus I didn’t have many avenues in which to hear episode recaps and to discuss our favorite scenes. When Gilmore Girls came to Netflix it was like the floodgates opened and all of the old and new fans were able to come together. The boys on this show are pretty ridiculous (in an endearing way) and go on some tangents, but they’ve also garnered a decent amount of exposure and have interviewed casting directors, producers and even the cast themselves.

Girl Next Door Podcast |“Two neighbors who love a good chat and a good cocktail.”

Each episode, Kelsey and Erica share a recipe for the cocktail they are sipping on, discuss a particular topic, share their current obsessions and give us the lowdown on any neighborhood news. The topics they chat about range from blogging and social media to money, marriage, and the best way to keep your house clean. One of my favorite features is their virtual book club. Two of my favorite books I read last year were book club picks!

Totally Married | Andy and Elizabeth, music producer and comedy writer respectively, chat about life/marriage and field listener’s questions while giving unqualified advice. In addition to the fact that I have a degree in Psychology, I’ve always been someone who has had opinions about relationships and life. I’m a pretty rational person and have the ability to scan a situation and see the underlining issues. Listening to Andy and Elizabeth is fun for me because I like to guess what advice they will give in each situation.

Vernacular Podcast | In May, Jordan and I were guests on Vernacular Podcast: a show our friends started this year! Each episode is split into three segments: current events, lifestyle and a in-depth interview on the week’s guest. In our episode, we talked on a variety of topics including: blogging, our move to Nashville, and things we’ve learned through our infertility journey. While the format stays the same, each episode is slightly different due to the guest!

WTF With Marc Maron | Terry Gross is my current favorite interviewer. I’ll listen to episodes of Fresh Air on topics that don’t particularly intrigue me because I know Terry will bring out something that interests me. Terry has a way of making her guests feel comfortable, that in turn enables them to be open and honest. Marc Maron has a similar style. He interviews creatives (comedians, musicians, film makers etc) and the conversations always dive into vulnerable places because Marc is honest about his weaknesses.

Marc recently interviewed Terry Gross. You can listen to that episode here!

What podcasts are you listening to?

24 thoughts on “Podcasts | Revisited”

  1. I am so with you on Gilmore Girls! I’m watching the series for the 4th time (the 1st time for my husband, and probably his only time through 😉 ), and I’m so sad to be coming up to season 7. I can’t wait to check out Gilmore Guys — it sounds hilarious!

  2. This is SO timely in my life. I had never, ever listened to podcasts, but my coworkers all did. They finally got me to try out Serial (I know, I know…I’m way late to that party) and I was HOOKED. Finished it yesterday and am feeling super sad that it’s over! I’m going to check these out right now.

  3. Thanks for these great suggestions! Love the sound of the Girl Next Door and Totally Married ones – especially as I have a lot of driving coming up that I’ll need good entertainment for. I’m all caught up on my current favorite (Dinner Party Download).

      1. It’s worth checking out if a spot ever frees up 🙂 I just listened to several Girl Next Door on my long drive yesterday and really enjoyed it – thanks again for the suggestion!

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