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Jordan’s younger brother was with us all week — it was wonderful having a visitor! Our place is small, so once we added the air mattress it basically felt like a giant sleepover. 😉 Jordan and Joshua were busy working on a special project (to be shared at a later date), so I didn’t get to see them a whole lot. We managed to show Josh a few of our favorite neighborhood stops, which included having dinner at Burger Up.

I look forward to another visit soon!

/ / Deb was the first blogger I started following in blogland and her space is still a favorite of mine. Speaking of burgers, this recipe for a fake shake shack burger is what dreams are made. Jordan and I went to Shake Shack while in New York City last summer and OMG they are the best burgers! I hadn’t heard the phrase smash-burger before but now I have a better description for why Shake Shack burgers (and In-N-Out) are so so good. You can eat them without breaking your jaw.

/ / Marc Maron recently interviewed one of my favorite interviewers, Terry Gross the host of Fresh Air. Because I listen to a lot of podcasts, I am often asked for suggestions. Fresh Air is at the top of my list because they discuss a vast range of topics — from science, politics, film, music etc.

/ / Daisy’s five tips for the hobbyist photographer — lighting, lighting and lighting!

/ / This was the first week for our CSA pick-up. Our box was brimming full of organic vegetables and fruit. Delvin Farms sends weekly email recipe suggestion and tips. Did you know that swiss chard stems can be used like celery or asparagus? I didn’t! For my first CSA inspired meal, I adapted this swiss chard & onion frittata recipe and it was so delicious!

/ / 15 Ways to Live Rich. What are the little things that fill your day with an extra dose of joy? Splurging on dark chocolate is one of mine.

/ / Why the library should be your new best friend. I have several books/movies on hold from our library and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Holiday Edition”

  1. I caught part of that Fresh Air interview the other day and need to download the podcast ASAP so I can get the rest – I find Fresh Air so interesting for the variety of guests, so it’s sooo fascinating to get a little of the inner workings of Terri Gross! And lucky you with the CSA – we’ve loved doing that in the past, but with our move this summer we’re not in one place long enough to sign up. That recipe sounds great!

    1. Terry Gross probably is my favorite interviewer. I wonder if it is just the medium of radio, but I often feel like guests are very comfortable sharing intimate things with her.

      I’m pretty excited about the CSA!

  2. Great links this week! I follow Deb’s blog too. I love her recipes. I also check out books from my local library and take classes. I listen to podcasts too! I will add your recommendation to my list! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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