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My days off from work fluctuate from week to week. Sometimes my days off run consecutively and sometimes they are split. There are advantages to having week days off, such as scheduling doctor appointments, but it can be difficult to recharge for the upcoming week. I wrote a post about creating your own weekend when your job isn’t M-F. Sometimes I still need a reminder to celebrate and relax even when it’s a Wednesday.

Jordan’s brother will be staying with us for a week starting tomorrow and we’re really excited to show him around town! What are your plans for this weekend?

/ / I was hit with a case of the comparison bug this week. Sometimes it feels like everyone around me is climbing the invisible ladder toward “successful adulthood” while I’m left standing on the second rung. This is just a fleeting feeling though; I know I’m moving! I’m also aware that what I observe of others’ lives is just a glimpse — like this blog is glimpse of my story. Anna reminded me that what we do all have in common is messy lives.

/ / Reading Brittany’s observations on gratitude this week came at just the right time. Like I mentioned above I was in a bit of a funk earlier in the week and this reminder was just what I needed to hear.

“Jumping for joy over the gems we have frees us from needing more.” 

/ / What to keep on hand for impromptu parties. Elsie breaks down what “staples” she keeps stocked to avoid scrambling something together last-minute. I love that she included fancy popcorn. We love popcorn and it’s a great crowd pleasing snack to serve.

/ / I am splitting a CSA box this season with a friend and the first pick-up is next Tuesday. I have been saving different vegetarian based dishes for inspiration. Daisy’s recipe for vegan vegetable wraps will certainly be in rotation once we’re up to our ears in vegetables!

/ / I’ve published 209 blog posts in two years. That is crazy! I enjoy creating new content weekly, but the posts become buried so quickly. I was scrolling through my drafts looking for an old recipe and realized even I had forgotten some posts. Lauren has several great ideas to bring new life to old blog posts and I’m excited to try a few out.

Happy Weekend, all!

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18 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Comparison Ladders”

  1. It’s so tempting to compare. I’ve struggled with that lately too. I have to remind myself that we’re not all on the same journey; we’re on different journeys, and our differences are beautiful. We’re not in competition, but rather given the opportunity to come alongside one another and be supportive, “rejoicing with those who rejoice” and “weeping with those who weep.”

  2. Comparison is such a thief of joy! We all get caught up in it. I got turned down for a job this week in a city where I am trying to relocate. It is so discouraging when you have an idea in your head of where you ought to be in life compared to others as well as your imaginary view of yourself. Through everything we have to learn not to lean on our own understanding but acknowledge God in all of our ways and He will direct our paths.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that Kristen. What a bummer. I have a tendency to just assume something won’t work out so I’m not disappointed but that isn’t good either.

  3. love. love. love this list!! <3
    and that note up there, with the little cat drawing, yes!
    the things to have on hand for an impromptu party = YES!

  4. Comparison is the easiest game to get sucked into and the hardest to get out of. I so hear you on this, and I’m really sorry it was a hard week for you! I hope some quality time with your fam this weekend will keep on pulling you out of the funk. And thanks so much for sharing my post — I think I need to reread it and relearn it myself every day!

  5. I saw that card from your husband on Instagram & fell in love with it then! Too cute. The post about recycling old blog posts is what I needed!! I have some that have just gotten lost. Thanks!

  6. Ohhh… the comparison game. No fun, or good. It’s so easy to fall in to though! I hope you listened and didn’t peek at your gifts 🙂

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