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Hey Friends! Late last night we arrived safely at my parents’ house just in time to send my nieces off to bed. I’ve missed them and they are already taller and smarter. We are relishing this time with our families.

Spring literally sprung this week and I’m loving it! On our way to church on Easter morning, we passed by several magnolia trees and I just had to take a picture. My parents have a magnolia tree in their front yard and this little reminder of home was extra special.

/ / I began the week by celebrating two years of blogging! I love investing time into this space. Anna reflected on her first three months of blogging and I couldn’t agree more with her statement. “I love having a space where I am free to try new things, find out what I like to write, and find out what you like to read.” 

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/ / Daisy has a way of breaking down and simplifying complicated tasks on her blog: style, travel, cooking, and entertaining. Her simple outdoor BBQ menu is seasonally, fresh, and easily thrown together. I love the ease of outdoor entertaining.

/ / Speaking of simplifying, Apartment Therapy shared 10 Commandments of a Clutter-Free Life. I love simplicity but I’m not quite a minimalist. Both Jordan and I enjoy collecting a few things (cookbooks, records, vintage cookware, etc.) and our house has mementos of family and adventures. Despite that, our apartment simply doesn’t have space for a lot of items we don’t love/use. Every week I try to go through a drawer and purge, but I appreciate Apartment Therapy’s fourth commandment: “Don’t underestimate the importance of a junk drawer.” Amen!

/ / Can woman really wear the same thing everyday? An interesting Huffington Post op-ed asked the question, can working women (it was more geared towards office attire) wear a signature uniform like Mark Zuckerberg’s grey tee-shirt everyday? I actually enjoy wearing a “uniform” to work, but how professional is a grey tee-shirt really?

Happy Weekend, all!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / On The Road”

    1. Thank you! The article was really interesting…not exactly sure I would want to wear the same type of ensemble each day, but I can see why it helps people focus their angry on what they want to focus it on.

  1. I’m loving the springtime blooms on that tree! Everything is still budding around here, but the promise is real that the blooms will come! Great links — I’m loving that post from Apartment Therapy! Especially the combination of have everything in its place, but also have a junk drawer. So true! Sometimes the odds and ends just don’t belong anywhere! Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family! Is deep-dish pizza in your plans? 🙂

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