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I was a competitive swimmer from the ages of 10-18. The call of the water kept me coming back despite the fact that I wasn’t the fastest swimmer. I love being in the water and while I don’t swim regularly anymore, when I’m in a pool I always swim a few laps. In high school, to become stronger, I began incorporating more dry land exercises into my routine: weight lifting, elliptical, pilates, and yoga.

My favorite way to stay balanced, toned, and fit is by practicing yoga. I think everyone’s bodies respond to certain exercises differently, but I feel healthiest when yoga is a part of my weekly routine. My hips are almost too flexible and because of that, they ache occasionally. After being on my feet all day, I run through a few hip sequences to reset. If I’m feeling restless, going through a sequence of sun salutations energizes and gets my blood flowing again.

If you’ve never practiced yoga and are unfamiliar with the poses, I wouldn’t recommend starting with a video. Alignment is really important and by attending a few classes, you’ll gain the feel and rhythm in a safe environment. Before purchasing, I recommend going to your local library and borrowing a few. There is nothing more annoying (for me) than watching a DVD where the instructor is practicing yoga out in the middle of the desert; I want to see how to practice within the confines of a living room.


These are my favorite resources for a quality yoga practice at home.

DVDs: Living Room Yoga by Eva BarashMTV Yoga by Kristen McGee

Podcasts: 20 Minute Yoga Sessions (search in your podcast app)

Online: 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Sometimes, I’ll string several short sessions together to create a longer practice, but often even 20 minutes, for me, is enough to feel refreshed.


What about you, do you like yoga? What exercise makes you feel the most alive?

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25 thoughts on “Yoga at Home”

    1. That would be tough! Once I’ve started I don’t really struggle with distractions (even when my husband is in the room)…it’s the getting started I struggle with! I have to do it first thing or right after work.

  1. You look like a little ballerina with your adorable bun! I’ve been wanting to do some yoga, but I haven’t done much before and I didn’t really know where to start. All I know is that since I started an office job, my back and hips are mega sore from sitting all day. Thanks for sharing these resources!

  2. What a great post! Ive been wanting to get into home yoga for quite some time now but never know what sources to really use to start, thanks for sharing some! I used to do hot yoga but at a studio and that was also great and refreshing! =)

  3. I love yoga (although hot yoga is too much for my blood pressure) but I’m not good at it I’m not very flexible and have unfortunately had rubbish instructors who made me feel like I just couldn’t get it right. I’d love to find a class around me here though, it’s gentle enough on my joints to do it more than once a week. I will definitely check out those DVD you recommend!! 🙂

    1. I am so sorry you’ve had such terrible experiences! In my opinion that isn’t what yoga is about…it’s about listening to your body and NOT comparing. I can imagine some gentle stretch exercises would feel really nice postpartum.

      Try your local community center. Mine in town offers classes for a reasonable drop in fee.

  4. Have you tried Bikram? I would like to start taking classes again. Kimberly Synder just released her yoga dvd. I am thinking about ordering it. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  5. I am the exact same – I feel at my best when I do yoga. I love doing it at home and I follow the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene – she is the best!!!

  6. All sorts of exercises make me wanna die when ended but feel awesome after that. It’s a love-hate resting time. Right now I am doing simple pilates at home. I hope one day I’ll be able to have the courage to do stationary jogging in the gym!

  7. I like your suggestion about checking out DVD’s at the library – I love doing that with workout videos. Are yoga or barre enough of an exercise to tone up and get fit on their own or do you do it in conjunction with something else?

  8. I have a yoga class at work at Tuesdays that is great. I’ve come to love it. It was actually cancelled yesterday so I did some yoga at home with a youtube video, Yoga by Adrienne. It was tough!

    I think my favorite is the very beginning of my classes, we usually start with the block under our low back to combat sitting in an office chair all day. I could like like that for hours! It feels so good.

  9. I love yoga! Back when I was in college, I did yoga classes several times a week. Since moving to France almost a decade ago, I haven’t been to any in-studio classes but do try to do yoga at home on my own. I have the MTV yoga dvds, but I also try random videos on Youtube when I need inspiration!

  10. I love your suggestions! I’ve actually used the Daily Yoga app with a lot of success, but I’m looking forward to listening to that podcast and trying the 30 day yoga challenge! So fun!

  11. I did yoga years ago and have not done it since. I have heard how amazing it is and I would love to try it out again. I will look into these videos you suggested and hopefully I will love it. I am always looking for new ways to make my body better.

  12. I love yoga! I have taken many ups classes and have loved them! I would recommend yoga to almost everyone. It’s such a versatile exercise.

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