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This week was absolutely gorgeous with most days being sunny and in the 70s. My apologies to our family and friends back home in Chicago, who were dumped by another snow storm. 😉 I had been feeling a little overwhelmed the past few weeks, but now that taxes are completely behind us, a huge weight has been lifted. I felt like I could get to other parts of my life that had been ignored for a bit. I finally finished Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman, we purchased a Dyson vacuum, (the true sign of adulthood?) and I got my hair colored!

Spring in Nashville has a great energy and this weekend is already shaping up to be really fun: birthday parties, dinner dates, and a first attempt at gluten-free brownies. Wish me luck!

Oats are a weakness for me and I eat them in many forms. Anna’s recipe for grain-free granola looks so good! I’ll be adding this to my granola arsenal.

Susanna collected a great list for spring date ideas! Our anniversary post from last year was included. Visiting Lincoln Park’s Conservatory was one of my favorite days from 2014.

I love following bloggers in other countries. Reading bits about their life and the food they eat gives me a glimpse into what life outside of the western world really is like. Australian food blogger, Bec, is one of my favorites to follow. Her love for brunch rivals my own. I wouldn’t have thought to make a pot of savory baked beans for Sunday brunch, but this recipe sounds too good to pass on up!

An honest and realistic look into the financial burden placed on women (and potentially their partners) after a miscarriage.

“Miscarriages usually have an emotional cost. But they also have a financial cost as well.  That economic pain can have profound consequences on women’s lives.”

Jana shared her steps to actively beat Social Media comparison. I only want to follow people who exude joy and inspiration, it is perfectly acceptable to unfollow someone if it is causing you distress.

Happy Weekend, all!

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / We Bought a Dyson”

  1. A sign of adulthood, for real. I remember buying my vacuum, starting it up, and being so impressed by its abilities. I felt like such a grown up and such a dork. Also, your apartment is ADORABLE!

  2. Some great links there! I totally agree, buying a Dyson is indeed a sign of adulthood – I have my eye on one but need to save up a bit more! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. My boyfriend’s mother bought us a Dyson when we first moved in together and now we can never split up because he’d get to keep it haha! Seriously no better vacuum cleaner and after using an el-cheapo one for a year, getting a Dyson was a dream…and who ever thought I’d be so obsessed with a vacuum cleaner? Sigh. x

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