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I really thought winter was coming to an end, but as I’m writing this, a fresh blanket of snow has covered Nashville. Supposedly, it’s the biggest snowfall this area has received since 2002, with towns north of us receiving close to a foot! If only I could find my snowsuit…

In other news, we’re preparing for family to visit us next week. We love being able to showcase why we love this city so much!

I’ve been following Erica (co-host of one of my favorite podcasts) and her husband’s journey to adopt for the past year. When she shared they were chosen to be the parents of two little girls my heart soared. The composure and grace Erica displayed throughout the adoption process is inspiring!

I have slowly been breaking my over-packing/over-prepared mentality. I’m that girl who doesn’t leave the house without deodorant, so you can imagine the vacation packing struggle. Sabrina’s tips on what NOT to pack for your next trip were helpful reminders! What do you have a hard time leaving behind (yet never seem to use) on vacation? I have a tendency to bring too much reading material.

Surprising late night conversations that keep couples together and they are all about money. I grew up witnessing my parents budget (or “go over receipts” as they called it) but Jordan and I haven’t always dealt with money conversations well. We both had discretionary money before we got married and aligning desires versus reality wasn’t easy! I would get defensive in our money conversations far too easily. After many years of trial and error (when it comes to realistic budgeting), we’re slowly figuring our best plan. It’s vital to discuss money respectively.

The combination of coconut and chocolate is one of my favorite. The best part about these cashew + coconut + cocoa bites…they’re free of (refined) sugar! I haven’t made anything with dates as the base, but I’ve been missing out because their health benefits are extensive! Any favorite recipes that use dates?

Happy Weekend, all!

And don’t forget about springing forward this Sunday!

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  1. Packing has never been my strong suit. I always want to be prepared for anything that could go wring but then I end up back for a week when all I needed was clothes for two days. The one thing I always take with me: my running shoes. Do I always use them? Nope.

    1. Yes — that is another item I debate often. The only time they got used were on our cruises. Sometimes you need to do a little cardio when you’re out on the sea!

  2. Oh man, those money discussions are tough. I agree that it just takes time, trial/error, and lots of patience. Dan and I have been married for less than 2 years, and it’s amazing how much these conversations have evolved, and even more amazing how much we’ve met in the middle. He’s taken on the better parts of my spending habits, and I’ve dropped many bad habits and replaced them with saving mentalities from his example. Great links this week, friend! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lady, I think you and I did this. I think we brought a little Chicago-style winter to this land and I’m so sad about it haha! Hopefully it warms up this week! (PS- LOVE that picture of you!)

  4. I overpack every time ! I make a list of outfits and what I need to bring for what part of the itinerary (yep sad) and still I end up bringing way too many items of clothing. Many things don’t get worn lol.

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