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It’s pretty easy for Jordan and I to work every day. Even when I’m not at work, my off days are spent working on this blog, assisting Jordan with design projects, and general life upkeep. We love our life, various hobbies, routine, and the flexibility which comes with Jordan being his own boss, but there is always something to do and emails to respond too. We’re working towards a better balance and our upcoming vacation has been the best motivator to work ahead so we can really disconnect from any demands.

We spent a weekday afternoon together this week roaming around East Nashville and it was so nice. We ate lunch at a great restaurant that grows most of their own produce and my three month shopping freeze ended when I purchased a dress for a wedding this spring. 🙂 Exploring different neighborhoods around town helps establish Nashville as our home. I get so much satisfaction when a restaurant or street is mentioned and I know what people are talking about. I still don’t fully understand the (slightly complicated) highway system, but thankfully I have GPS for that.

Let’s get to the links!

DIY Sea Salt Spray using two pantry staple ingredients. When I finish my Bumble and Bumble spray, I’ll switch to Allie’s super easy version.

Many of us begin the New Year with resolutions or words by which to live. I loved that Cassie gave an update on her word (forgiveness) and practical ways she is implementing them into her life. To make habit of something new, the steps have to be deliberate.

As we get older and friends have babies, get promotions, purchase houses, etc… the challenge to stay content can sometimes be difficult. It’s easy to compare and lose sight of your own blessings. The jealousy bite is real. I have to constantly remind myself that my life is my own and their life is their own. Discontentment is a sure-fire way to rob yourself of joy. I want to live a life full of joy!

I’ve been really inspired to minimize our belongings further, especially after Kelsey’s post on the magic of tidying up. To embrace small space living, we should surround ourselves only with things we truly love or use regularly. I want to arrive at a place where it takes minimal time/effort to tidy up. First order of business, get rid of spare buttons! Kelsey is right, we hardly use them.

Happy Weekend, All!

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20 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / East Side Dates”

  1. It feels like it’s been too long since we had an actual date–mostly because it’s been too cold that I don’t want to walk outside unless I have to–but I love exploring our neighborhood and city with my husband. We just moved here in August, so we often keep stumbling upon things that we’d never guessed were there!

    1. Going on dates when it is cold is hard! I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks when we can go on walks in the afternoon. You discover so many things when you aren’t in the car!

  2. That restaurant looks delicious! I’m glad you guys had such a fun date and exploration day. Thanks for sharing these awesome posts. I really, really needed the one from Erin about jealousy bites.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with what you were saying about staying content. This has been something I’ve struggled with greatly the past few months. We are in the middle of buying a home and the VA is taking forever! We have had a few friends purchase homes and the feeling of jealously creeps up fast and strong.
    Thankful to know I am not the only one who feels like this from time to time. We ARE human 🙂

  4. Great picture. I will tell my flight attendant friends in Nashville to check out your recommendation. It’s been too long since I had a Nashville layover. I love Jeni’s ice cream. The non-dairy version is surprisingly very good.

  5. I wanna see pictures of your dress! Zack and I will have to try The Silly Goose. I feel like there are so many awesome local restaurants we haven’t tried yet.

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