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I have been on a two year+ mission to treat my adult acne. Right around my 26th birthday, pimples began appearing on my cheek/mouth/chin and continued to increase with frequency. I was pretty baffled. I never had acne on my cheeks — my experience was with typical teenage acne on my forehead. I had great skin texture despite the teenage acne and scarring was beginning to take place because of these new problems.

I worried my skin had taken a permanent turn. I wasn’t seeing a budge towards any lasting results even with the frequent dermatology visits to procure medication and trying several skin care product/routines. I was frustrated.


I dragged my feet on dietary changes, but I also didn’t want to waste money on facial products that weren’t working. Jordan really encouraged me and was willing to see a change in our meals as a result of the food adjustments. My skin has drastically improved since going off of gluten in November. My forehead is completely clear of new acne, but I am still dealing with hormonal breakouts around my mouth/chin. In January, I started going to an esthetician for facial peels to help with scarring. On top of this I was continuing to feed my body well, but I still wasn’t satisfied with my cleansing routine.

Then I was introduced to Beautycounter*. My friend, Lauren, attended a social and let me borrow a few samples to try. My skin instantly felt hydrated. The beauty and personal care industry is not regulated and many products are loaded with harmful ingredients or simply not beneficial to the skin — they are hidden behind fancy packaging and skillful wordplay. Beautycounter is seeking to change that.

“We [Beautycounter] seek out ingredients that are safe, functional and will work together to create a high performing product.”



I want to use products that are affordable, safe, and perform well. Yes, washing my face with jojoba oil was natural and safe, but it didn’t perform well over time. Beautycounter’s prices are equivalent to brands found at Sephora and their transparency of ingredients gives me brand confidence. I do think my skin directly responds to diet choices, but I want to protect and nurture all of my hard work! Skin is our largest organ and what we slather on our body does get absorbed into the blood stream.

My friend, Lauren, and I recently hosted a social at our consultant, Beth’s, beautiful home. Beth educated us more on Beautycounter’s vision and then we played with their products: washing our faces and trying on their makeup. I’m really motivated to lessen my exposure to toxins and will slowly replace all of my personal care products with a safer alternative.

I’m also really excited to have a fun giveaway today! Beth generously gave me a body lotion to gift to one of you. If you have any questions on Beautycounter or my skin journey please contact me! You can purchase through Beth directly here.




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*By holding a social at Beth’s house, I had the option to buy one product at a discounted price.

All photography taken by Jordan Short.

55 thoughts on “Beautycounter + a Giveaway”

    1. That’s so great you’ve found a product that works. I’ve heard some not so great things about the brand, but I think my skin is just really sensitive to ingredients!

  1. This looks awesome. I’ll have to look into Beautycounter! I still have the same issues with breaking out around my mouth/chin area and it’s super discouraging and annoying. Thanks for bringing awareness to this product – it’s the first time I’m hearing about Beautycounter. 🙂

    1. They’ve only been around for two years, so you aren’t alone in not hearing about them! Hormonal breakouts are so annoying because we can’t really do much to stop them!

  2. These products sound really good! I used to just use a liquid foundation from Covergirl or other brands like that, but started to realize how my skin was getting worse and worse! It was breaking out and looked horrible without makeup over it. I did some research and started using BareMinerals. I still love it! It looks really good and my skin is almost always completely clear now.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure the drugstore foundation I was using was doing much for my skin either! I’m interested in BareMinerals new liquid foundation. Sometimes my skin is too dry for powder.

  3. I am an avid Lush user but I seem to have ADD with beauty products, I love trying new things and cannot turn down a pretty package and good branding. I’m definitely going to look into beautycounter, thanks for the info

    1. Pretty packaging is hard to resist!! I LOVE Lush for the body, but I haven’t really loved any of their facial products. Jordan used to use their coal face wash and loved it.

  4. My sister has been raving about Beautycounter for months now – but I haven’t tried any of the products yet! I recently found Dr. Wood’s all natural soaps, the black soap has been amazing on my face.

  5. I wouldn’t wish hormonal acne on my worst enemy. I am so sorry you also are struggling with this adult acne. I’ve had it since i was 19 and we just had our 10 year anniversary. :/

    After a really bad break out 3 years ago I started using products for sensitive skin. I use Yes to Cucumber and REN from the UK. I also have started doing chemical peels etc to help with my scarring.

    I am very interested in learning more about this company. 🙂

    I’m also thinking about the diet too. 😉

          1. Great! I use an at home micro dream scrub by another great natural company called Perfectly Posh. My sister sells it. It’s called “shine bright like a diamond.” 🙂 it’s great to have all these healthy natural lines!

  6. WOW I want that kitchen!!! I’m in college and still suffer from acne reminiscent of my early high school days – the most frustrating thing. My favorite products now are alternating between a Proactiv+ exfoliating cleanser and hydrating gel, and then an Aveeno Clear Complexion daily moisturizer. It seems to be getting me the best balance as of now!
    Also can we talk about how AMAZING those “Lead the change” bags are??? I need one!

    1. Those bags are super cute! I tried using Proactiv+ last year and my skin did not react well to it. I think it was a bit too strong with all of the acne meds mixed in. I’m so glad it is working for you!

  7. This looks lovely and all the pictures are gorgeous. I love products that are good for you and the earth. My personal favorite right now is free and clear shampoo and the conditioner. Have you tried that before?

    1. I haven’t tried free and clear. My hair is so thick and often times conditioners from drugstores really don’t cut it for me. I’m always up for trying new products though!

  8. Thank you so much for the giveaway! My favorites are NUDE Skincare and bareMinerals. Both of those companies have changed my life! I still struggle with body acne, but changing my eating habits and switching to natural soap has really helped.

    1. That is hard. I have to really make sure I drink enough water because my skin can get dry and dull too. It’s frustrating when you purchase products that don’t work out.

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