Adventure Days

“We learn the hard way over and over that the sweetness of our marriage is directly related to how much time we spend together. I know some couples who do a little better when they’re out of each other’s hair, couples who would hate to work together, would drive each other crazy in meetings together or working across from one another at the same table, but for us, time together has been the medicine we need when things are off.”  — Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet. 


I’ve realized that my ideal date isn’t the traditional combination of dinner and a movie. Partly because most nights I’m ready for bed by 10 pm and sitting in a dark movie theater, doesn’t reconnect me to Jordan. Don’t get me wrong I love going to see movies, but I’m a matinee girl or a red box rental wrapped up in a cozy blanket movie watcher.

Day dates are my favorite. I love spending a whole day with Jordan and will forgo a haphazard evening out, for a day together even if it means we’re planning several weeks out. This might be because when we started dating, I lived in a dorm where boys had restricted access and prior to our wedding we lived with our respective parents. Venturing out was how we spent time alone. I wanted to soak up any time we had together, which is harder to do in a movie theater and a crowded restaurant.

Jordan would pick me up in his red Ford Focus and drive, possibly to Chicago or another suburb to discover and adventure together. Sometimes we even drove the 45 minutes to Ikea just to walk around and eat in their cafeteria!


We experienced a beautiful sunny 60 degree day recently (how I wish that was today as I am currently snowed in!) and while I cooked breakfast, Jordan went on the necessary morning coffee run. After our plates were cleared, we went exploring through a few of the vintage/antique shops down the street from us. I became rather enthralled by the stacks of old photos — full of lives and stories I’ll never know.

Walking through the aisles, allowed us to plan — sharing goals and dreams for the future. I love living life with Jordan.



What about you, what are your favorite kind of dates? How do you stay connected?

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24 thoughts on “Adventure Days”

  1. This sounds a lot like my husband and I! We are not into the traditional dates and we purposely try to keep it that way. My husband was a Marine when we met so traveling and nights out were hard to do, especially when I sill lived an hour and a half away! We would drive to the Walmart parking lot with some take out food, sit for hours and just talk. If there’s one thing we thrive at, as a couple, it’s communication because that’s all we did for a while when we first started to date. I’m so thankful for those times and even now, we will just take a drive wth some milkshakes, find a place to talk and just chill out 🙂 Great post!!

  2. This is incredibly sweet! I love that quote from Bittersweet. That is so often the case with my husband and I. We get a few hours together after work each night and the time feels rushed and we both are tired. But when we get a full day together on the weekends just to spend the day running errands or whatever, I feel myself falling in love with him again. Day dates are great that way!

    1. There have been so many dates where I put a lot of pressure to make up for the lost time (and they usually didn’t turn out so well). I feel really blessed to have a more flexible schedule — especially because it won’t always be like this!

  3. Beautifully written post! Dating after marriage is so important. We began dating my freshman year of college. We were at a small Christian college where we also couldn’t spend time in our individual dorm rooms. On a small campus you have little privacy, so we took up going on walks. York was a lovely small town with winding brick roads. We would meander to the train bridge (where we had our first kiss) and feel the rumbling of rushing trains underneath us, or walk to the Arboretum, spread a blanket under the trees and talk and play guitar. Now that we are married, we still go on daily walks (though our dog usually joins us). It is a great way to connect emotionally while staying healthy physically. 😉 Like you, we also love taking a whole day together to drive somewhere (road trips are the best!) or just walk around thrift stores. So often what we are doing is much less important to us than just being together.

    1. I love taking walks. We try to do that a few times a week (weather permitting) usually right before or after dinner. It’s nice to get fresh air and be away from the temptation of screens.

  4. steve and I used to be so faithful to Tuesday night date night. We’d always come up with fun and creative things to do. In the summer Tuesday would be date day. Kids change everything!! 🙂

  5. day dates are totally the bet!
    a nice night date is fun now and then – but finding new adventures and exploring is always the days that make the memory books!

  6. Adventure dates are my favorite! I love that you can keep things inexpensive, and they often spark richer conversation than a standard dinner-and-movie date. My husband and I like to pack a picnic lunch and some travel games in our backpacks, take our bikes to a local forest preserve, and spend the day outdoors. Can’t wait to get back into that habit once this cold weather ends!

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