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^Oxford, UK 2013

Throughout the week I scroll through my Bloglovin’ feed, marking posts that I want to revisit. Usually on Wednesday or Thursday, I spend time ultimately choosing which posts I’ll share. After looking over my list, I think a theme developed – clearly, I am ready to travel!

/ / Last year, we ate lunch at Longman & Eagle in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. The atmosphere of their restaurant/inn is chill, the food is fresh and seasonally prepared — all for a great price. When Jordan and I discussed where we wanted to stay for our anniversary, L & E was our first choice, but all the rooms were booked! Kate’s getaway pictures are absolutely beautiful and only makes me wish we would have found a chance to stay a night before our move to Nashville.

/ / I absolutely love reading travel logs. Before we left for Europe in 2013, I spent a lot of time reading blogs for research/tips. I learned so much through different vacation recounts. Traveling to Amsterdam never really crossed my mind until Naomi and her family went in 2013. The beautiful houses along the canal are reason enough to visit!

I followed Hannah as she traveled through Amsterdam on Instagram and am so glad she recapped it on her blog. I now wish Jordan and I would have considered taking a train to Amsterdam from Paris! I didn’t realize how close they are.

/ / Rebecca reminisced on the 10 things she misses the most about living in NYC. First of all I loved that she had a photoshoot with her friends à la SATC when she moved away. After moving away from home, I now realize how specific certain experiences are to our environment/city. I hope to savor this time in Nashville because if we ever move away, some things won’t come with me (currently I appreciate how GF/Vegan baked goods are readily available in coffee shops!).

/ / Speaking of travel planning, Jordan and I have spent several nights researching places we want to visit when we go to Toronto this spring. This website has been really helpful. Have you been to Toronto? If so, I want to hear your suggestions and tips!

Any travel plans coming up??

Happy Weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Wanderlust”

  1. Thanks for sharing my post! I get major wanderlust from reading blogs too. (That and jealousy HA but I try to squash that) 😉
    I did go to Amsterdam and LOVED it – surprisingly I haven’t been up to Toronto since I was 17 despite being so close. I will ask my hubs though, thats where he usually is during the week for work!

  2. This is a really great idea — sharing the posts you’ve found interesting throughout the week. All these websites are new to me, so now I have some new places to check out. 😀

  3. Love that picture of you! Rebecca’s photo shoot looked so fun! I have the travel bug too – it’s been awhile since I’ve been out of the country. I just need my littles to get a little older so they can go too! Thanks for linking up!

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