When Jordan and I decided to move to Nashville, I got really excited to explore a different part of the country. In Tennessee we are exposed to new cities that we might not have visited while living in the Chicago. But now they are a mere day trip away!

On a sunny, albeit chilly, Saturday we drove to Chattanooga with dear friends joining us. Jordan and I have been really blessed with friends who want to live life with us; through the peaks and valleys, even when life gets busy and we aren’t able to see one another as often as we might like, we have each other’s backs. We would have had fun by ourselves in Chattanooga, but this day was made better by our companions. This year will mark ten years of our friendship as a foursome (even more for the boys) and I love that we still have many more memories to make together.

Before the trip I spent a little time to research Chattanooga and asked people for fun suggestions, but mostly we began the day without an agenda. Chattanooga is pretty small, but it is full of charm and growing rapidly. We hope to go back during the summer and enjoy a picnic along the river!


^ We started the day admiring the views from Lookout Mountain, or as Ashley’s college friends called it, “Make Out Mountain.” 🙂



^My favorite part of Lookout Mountain, was the cute little town nestled on it. The town was gorgeous and it kinda reminded me of Mount Adams, in Cincinnati.


^ The woman who runs Mountain Memories once saw Elvis Presley as his train traveled through her small West Virginian town as a child.


^ We ate lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe and drank delicious coffee at Brash Coffee inside Warehouse Row. I absolutely love old warehouses and appreciate when towns invest in reusing structures in new ways.


^  A chalk artist at work.



Until next time, Chattanooga!

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18 thoughts on “Chattanoogas”

  1. I’ve never been to any part of Tennessee but it looks beautiful! Someday I’d love to do a trip to the south and get to experience all of the fun there 🙂

    For now, New England is my main jam 😉

  2. I haven’t been to Chattanooga for years, but it’s def a city I’d love to go back to! These pics are so fun! Glad you’re getting opportunities to adventure in your new state. 🙂

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