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/ / Are you caught up on the Serial podcast? The penultimate episode was released yesterday morning and last night Sarah Koenig appeared on The Colbert Report. She gave insights to why she decided to tell this specific story in a serial format.

/ / My friend, Kate, shared several wintry photos on her blog last week. Chicago during Christmastime is extra magical. I’m not exactly going to miss the harsh weather realities of January and February (and March and April), but I will miss the extra glow illuminating the city streets from the twinkle lights.

/ / I love listening/watching people being interviewed about their craft. During each awards season, The Hollywood Reporter gathers actors, writers, directors, and producers together into groups for roundtable discussions. These conversations are interesting, candid and remind me that no one is living without challenges (even big Hollywood stars). Did you know that the writers for Dallas Buyers Club began working on that screenplay 20 years before the movie was green lit to be filmed?!? I’m pretty sure I would have given up. Assuming that if my script wasn’t selling it must not be good. Talk about perseverance!

/ / After eliminating dairy (except butter) and gluten from my diet, I have become hyperaware of people who live with severe allergies/intolerances. I won’t break out in hives or be admitted into the hospital if I eat bread (I’ll just wake up with a new pimple) but I know people who will. I’ve become all too familiar with vegan recipes and generally flax seeds are the replacement for eggs. When Amy shared her cornstarch version I was really intrigued. Have any of you experimented with flax or cornstarch “eggs”?

Happy Weekend, all!

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Eggscussions”

  1. I keep hearing about Serial, I need to listen to it! I’m sort of jealous that you’ll miss the Chicago winter… but it’s been pretty mild so far 🙂 Thanks for linking up, have a great weekend!

  2. I love Serial!!! It is awesome 🙂 I’ll be very sad when it’s over!

    I also love the ‘Hollywood Reporter’ interviews they do around the award seasons with actor/actresses. It’s fun to see them being themselves, even though they are being interviewed.

  3. I had no idea it took that long to make Dallas Buyers Club! But I’m glad it did because it turned out to be a phenomenal film, and I can’t imagine anyone other than Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto playing those roles.

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