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I feel fairly comfortable dressing for summer and winter. I know which fabrics keep me cool when it’s 80° and how many layers are necessary to stay warm when it’s 20°. It’s those in-between temperatures (basically all of fall and spring!) that I never quite get right. I usually dress to match the high temperature of the day and completely forget how cold the days begin! Nashville’s peak temperature is much later in the day (around 4 or 5 pm) and I’m slowly adjusting. In Chicago, the peak is right at noon. Friends gave me advice about dressing in a lot of layers to survive the changing temperatures.

Jordan recently took a trip to our storage unit to unearth our winter gear. After assessing my clothes, I realized not many of my sweaters fit underneath my light jacket. It’s not quite time to wear my winter coat all day long, so I was happy to find this color block sweater from the Gap. It’s warm, but lightweight enough to layer underneath my jacket!

How do you dress for the in-between seasons?

Jacket from JCrew | Sweater from Gap (similar) | Pants from Uniqlo (similar)

And a few more sweaters I’m loving right now.

One | Two | Three | Four

/ / Natalie’s series on wool has been really interesting and informative!

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  1. I always forget to dress for the beginning of the day too. The Temps didn’t swing as wildly in London so it wasn’t a problem but back here in NY it has changed 25 degrees in one day alone…! Means I’m always cold at some point in the day ha. Layering is the only solution! Lightweight jumpers are the best find 🙂

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