Toting with Off Switch


In high school I was really into tote bags. I would decorate blank canvas bags from craft stores by modpodging pictures torn out of magazines. Recently, I found my college messenger bag with a worn off picture of John Mayer glued to the front. Boy, did I love him, I mean it … I loved it, the bag.

Eventually after college, I veered from the canvas tote bag. The thing about purses is unless you pay for quality materials they fall apart easily. About three years ago, I paired down my collection to one Coach leather purse and some clutches for special occasions, plus one small crossbody bag from Kenneth Cole. I loved my crossbody purse, but after years of daily use it began to fall apart. The only downside about that purse was its size. I often brought another bag with me to keep in the car. I had reached bag lady status.

In NYC, over the summer, I bought a Dean & Deluca tote and I wondered, “Why did I veer from my high school ways?” Unlike some other manmade materials, canvas is durable and washable. I realized quickly a regular purse wasn’t necessary for my current lifestyle. I keep makeup and catch all’s such as receipts or gum in small zip containers, but I still have plenty of room for extras: snacks, reading material, a scarf, umbrella, or my camera. I like to be prepared. 🙂

I love my Dean & Deluca tote, but I wanted one that was a bit smaller. Enter the Be Kind tote from Off Switch. It’s the perfect everyday size and I don’t miss having a traditional purse.



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16 thoughts on “Toting with Off Switch”

  1. I seriously love your tote bag. And these pictures are just gorgeous! I have quite the purse obsession but you’re totally right, if you don’t spend good money, they fall apart so easily. And I am in need of a much bigger one. Those planners aren’t small. Maybe the solution is a tote 🙂

  2. Such a cute tote! I used to carry a huge purse that had everything you would ever need in it. But, a couple of years ago, I decided that I was carrying a little too much and not using much of it so I scaled down to a smaller, more durable Kate Spade!

  3. So cute 🙂 I don’t even carry a purse any longer…I have a diaper bag, my stuff, a teaching bag, etc. It’s hard to keep track of everything! Seems like a good solution 🙂

  4. That photo looking up the pillars is amazing…!
    I love the tote – I have a lot of canvas totes that are for different purposes. Some, the big ones, are for grocery shopping. The medium sized ones are perfect for going out and about in the daytime though! You just can’t beat a bag that can take a beating and then just get tossed in the washing machine to look as good as new 🙂

  5. I got a Dean and Deluca bag too…it was the perfect tote to carry around the city. BUT, I totally love your Be Kind tote…I feel like that would be one that Claire would love.

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