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There are many fashion styles I feared would never resurface: overalls, adult backpacks, (tiny) floral patterned dresses, but most of all clogs. (Basically everything Angela Chase wore on My So-Called Life.) I had clogs growing up, but they certainly weren’t cute. They looked more like these (except the inexpensive/cheap store brand). A few years ago, I started seeing clogs resurface on the streets of Chicago. I wasn’t exactly sure what I thought about them, but slowly my mind began to change especially after seeing how they were being styled (here, herehere & here).

Last winter I went thrifting for sweaters and found a lone pair of clogs just waiting for a new home. By some miracle they were exactly my size and have been a perfect addition to my closet!

I’ve talked before about my desire to purchase quality over quantity in regards to fashion. I used to buy cheap $20 shoes constantly and more often than not, they revealed themselves to be completely uncomfortable and poorly constructed. I’ve weeded most of those shoes out of my closet and have begun replacing them with higher quality products (I still have this pair on my wish list). Despite what you might think of wooden soles, clogs are extremely comfortable and durable shoes. I look forward to having them for many years to come!

Have you been wearing something lately you thought you’d never try? What are your thoughts about the resurgence of clogs?

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  1. I think clogs are unique because they give any outfit an element of character, richness, and charm. They’re not sexy like black heels, they’re not boho like beaded sandals or aged leather boots, nor bad-ass like studded boots – they’re in a league of their own. They look quality-crafted and sturdy, while still looking fresh. I support the clog!

  2. So I know they aren’t nearly as stylish as the ones you posted above, but these these are super popular here in Alaska. I work at a bakery and am on my feet all day, so I recently invested in a pair since they’re supposed to be awesome for your feet. And I actually have fallen in love with their chunky/platform/clog look! I even wear them out and about sometimes, outside of work.

  3. I completely agree!! I never thought I would be wearing overalls, tiny floral patterned dresses or clogs again. I wonder when we’ll all be trading in the skinny jeans for flares…
    Love this post.

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