The Right Choice



As our move to Nashville drew near, emotions came at me like waves. Some days I felt pure excitement but often I found myself alone, quiet with my thoughts, wondering, “Are we making the right choice?” My ability to compartmentalize came in handy as we said our goodbyes (or as I like to call them, “see ya laters”). That strategy worked only temporarily. I still had an eight hour drive alone in the car. During those long stretches of highway, I allowed myself to feel every emotion; a few tears fell, but mostly I felt a nervous energy.

It’s not exactly easy to uproot on your own accord, but when we arrived, to a care package filled with necessities to make our transition easier, I took it as extra confirmation that we made the right choice. I’m so grateful for this new adventure.

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25 thoughts on “The Right Choice”

  1. I have felt this way with my move to OK with the hubs & the the move back to GA with the hubs. In the end, both were much needed moves, to better ourselves & our marriage!

  2. Beautiful photos, as ever. And I know this feeling intensely. I still ask myself periodically if we’ve made the right choice – but all we can do is throw ourselves into it as if there was and is no other option, so we really *try* to make this life for ourselves. Good luck!! I hope that you rapidly find yourself settled, making friends, and finding your favorite cafes / restaurants / parks etc so that before you know it Nashville is HOME. XO

    1. Totally agree with this comment- those are the three best things I can wish you guys in this point in the transition. Having made similar choices to “uproot on our own accord”, I remember that roller coaster of feelings. I think it made it so much easier when we took the time to really feel every emotion! And for us at least, it didn’t take too long to know we’d made the right decision šŸ™‚

  3. šŸ™‚ You’re doin’ good, friend!!! It’s not easy and takes awhile to really just settle in, but that’s part of the adventure and fun. Cannot wait to join you next year!

  4. Uncertainty can be so scary sometimes, but I think life is so much more exciting when we put ourselves out there and take risks. I admire your courage. Blessings to you and your husband on this new adventure!

  5. I know exactly what you mean by the feeling of a “nervous energy.” I felt that for the entirety of the week leading up to my big move. Although, I did also do a lot of crying! It’s so exciting though, makes life an adventure to move around.

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