My Home


It’s moving day! It’s still hard to believe we’re at this point, despite the year long preparation, but there is no denying it.

“This is like really happening now, babe.” Words Jordan has been telling me almost daily. 😉

The truck is loaded with our belongings (thanks to our dear family/friends) and currently, we’re on the road with coffee and snacks. Jordan is driving the truck, bless him, while I’m in our car. I’ve never driven alone for this long before, but I have several podcasts saved to keep me entertained.

I’m going to miss this house of mine, the house my parents moved into 20 years ago. The house that became my home. Thanks for all the love and memories.

…until we meet again.

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10 thoughts on “My Home”

  1. Oh, congrats! Such an exciting and monumental time! We did a big move like that a few years ago and it’s been awesome.

    If you haven’t already driven away yet, one tip would be to both get bluetooth earpieces (I know, super lame sounding) for the car ride. We had those when I drove the car and the hubby drove the truck on our 17-hour trek. It was like we were sitting next to each other because we would just comment about things as we went along.

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