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Social media gets a lot of flak. The blame of society’s problems seems to be placed on the ubiquitous selfie and Facebook in general. But the reality is, I have maintained many long-distance relationships that probably wouldn’t still exist without social media. I didn’t go to college far away but a lot of my childhood and high school friends did…some had job opportunities that brought them back to Chicago, but many never returned. I like that I’m able to see the highlight reel.

Lauren was my dreamer friend. The friend who pretended Peter Pan was real (I had a big Tinker Bell obsession) and wrote me secret notes in invisible ink. I distinctly remember Lauren notifying us in high school that was going to major in glass blowing (what?!). Unlike many other “traditional” college majors chosen by friends, she actually landed a job after graduation in her field (Arts? Who would have known?!) during the great recession of the mid oughts.

After landing her job, Lauren moved to Florida (one of the few that was smart to leave Chicago winters behind). Last year she married Micah (her college boyfriend) and they started playing music together. Lauren messaged me last spring, filling me in on their plan to visit friends/family all over the US, weaving in opportunities to play their music live. She wondered if I would still be in town (yes!) and I asked if we could take pictures to document the night (yes!).

I enjoy supporting friends while they pursue their dreams. I love that they are following their passion!


The WillowWacks performed the perfect kind of backyard concert. They played mostly originals, but some fun covers were mixed in as well (Devo + Paul McCartney to name a few). Each song had their unique spin on modern day folk music.

One song that Lauren wrote, St. Scott, moves me to tears every time I listen to it. It holds a lot of significance from high school and I was glad to hear it live. You can sample and purchase their EP here!

Follow along with their summer RV adventures of The WillowWacks:

Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram


^They have a series on YouTube called, Between Two Lamps. 🙂 My favorite is Comes Back Deep.


^ Lauren rocks a ukulele bass like no one else I know!

Thanks for the great summer night!

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8 thoughts on “Backyard Serenade / / The WillowWacks”

  1. Gosh I love this post – so sweet and I really feel like I was given a glimpse into your special friendship with her. (I love social media for that reason too, staying in touch. There are so many times I want to delete FB but keep it for the sole fact that it’s the only place I can watch all of my friends kids grow up!)

  2. I definitely do have to thank social media for keeping me up to date with all of my friends as they live all over the world. I know that it can be hard and cause “the sin of comparison” but as long as we keep that healthy balance between social media and the real world it won’t be a problem.
    P.S. These pictures are absolutely perfect!!
    xo TJ

  3. What a sweet couple…and love the pics! Old friendships are the best to me, especially the ones that get spread across the miles, but the hearts stay connected and strong. One reason I love social media!

  4. It always annoys me a bit when people bash on social media – yes, it certainly has negative aspects, but I agree that it also fosters relationships in new ways that were previously impossible. I love to think about how drastically the internet has changed our society, lives, economy, and ways of thinking, it will be a major topic in the cultural history classes of the future! (that was a major tangent)

    On a more related note, I love seeing people achieve/chase their dreams! It’s so interesting to find out what previous high school classmates have made of their lives. Love it.

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