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Hey all, we made it to Friday! Jordan and I have a full line up this weekend hanging with friends and celebrating his sister at her high school graduation party! Speaking of summer, I decided to sponsor a couple of blogs for the season. Today my feature on TJ’s blog, His Little Lady is live. I’d love for you all to stop on over and read my little Q & A! Once you are finished, you absolutely should read about her recent trip to Victoria, British Colombia! My parents honeymooned there and I’ve always had a strong desire to spend time in the Pacific Northwest.

While we are on the topic of blogs, I’m joining in with #bloggerlove and sharing my favorites recent reads.

1 | Are any of you following Joanna’s series, Motherhood around the world? Even though I’m not a mother, I am finding each feature absolutely fascinating. While it’s important to gather advice from our community, I think it’s extremely beneficial to see how other cultures solve their challenges: be that sleep patterns, safety, education, and a child’s general well-being. We have so much to learn from one another!

2 | Susanna participated in a weekly summer challenge, creating meals from items found at Trader Joe’s. That grocery store, despite its small size, has a range of products to help aid in quick, healthy meals. I’ve loved getting suggestions on how to use certain items. As a bonus, Susanna includes her families weekly meal plan at the end of each post.

3 | I loved this post from my beautiful friend Kate, wrestling with the Bigger Picture. I know that I can get lost in my own woes and need help reminding myself that I’m not alone in those worries. Tomorrow is always a new day.

4 | I’m still letting Emily’s words on being Set Free sink in. What is our identity, really? You also might recognize a familiar face on her sidebar 😉

And a couple from the celebrity world:

5 | Zosia Mamet on her struggle with an eating disorder. Bobbie Thomas and Savannah Guthrie from the Today Show, candidly share different perspectives on infertility.

I would love to hear what you have been reading this week!

Happy Weekend to you all!


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  1. LOVE that picture of you guys! I am looking forward to checking out these other posts you’ve mentioned.. the Motherhood Around the World sounds so interesting. (Thank you for the blog love!) Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! 🙂

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