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I have officially entered the unromantic stage of moving: changing banks, car insurance plans, and backing up my computer. We’re also trying to get caught up on doctors visits (mainly the dentist – boo!).  All of these things I have put off in the name of travel, but since we’ve been back from NYC for over a month, that excuse isn’t valid anymore. If you find this space a little quieter than usual, you know what I’m doing.

I’ve been rather nonchalant about our move because neither of us are changing jobs or having to sell a house, but it’s time to buckle down and get the unglamorous work done. We only have a few weeks left!

Instead of researching truck rentals, this is what I’ve been reading this week.

1 | When you are tightly wound. Kate Bauer’s writing is so effortless, but hits you with such clarity.

2 | On marriage and why love isn’t enough.

3 | Essie Button goes Nordic. I first discovered Estée through her beauty channel on YouTube, but she and her boyfriend, Aslan, are vlogging their way through Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and I can’t stop watching!

4 | Banana + Chocolate + Peanut butter. Everything I want in a snack, that I hadn’t thought to combine.

5 | Creating a capsule wardrobe. I LOVE this idea and I have begun sorting through my closet this week. Instead of having all four seasons vying for coveted closet space, one 37 piece capsule is displayed at once (potentially two if you need a separate work wardrobe). Have any of you tried this concept yet?

What have you been reading?

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Moving Addition”

  1. Thanks for linking up! That snack looks amazing, is it too early to have it? Good Luck with all of the small things about moving – they are the worst, but once they are over – you are about done!

  2. oh man… switching banks, I didn’t even think about that! You are so right about the unromantic stage of moving… I’m not there yet but will be soon 😉 ha. Looking forward to checking out some of your blogger love! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Just read all these posts…excellent choices! And yes, I hate that part of moving. It’s just so bleh and not exciting. And it seems like there’s always one place you forget to change your address…..good luck! You got this!

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