One Day


One day I will…

/ / iron clothes without creating more wrinkles.

/ / master parallel parking.

/ / grow a vegetable garden.

/ / find the perfect mascara.

/ / cook chicken perfectly, neither under nor overdone.

/ / own a comfortable pair of high heels.

/ / vacation in Europe for a whole summer.

/ / become a mother.

8 thoughts on “One Day”

  1. One day I will… iron clothes. (The steamer was the best gift I ever got, and also the worst. I still haven’t ironed.) You know what’s funny about parallel parking… that was the ONE thing my drivers ed teacher didn’t teach me how to do. Something happened and he had to get back to the office and so he goes “Do you know how to parallel park?” and I said, “no” and he goes, “well.. uh… promise me you’ll practice?” and I go, “Um, yeah!” so he goes, “Great. We’re done.” and to this day- I am an incredible parallel parker 🙂

    (One of these days our babes will play together. This I know.)

    1. I don’t iron clothes all that often – but it’s sometimes unavoidable! I’ve actually never even tried to parallel park! My driving instructor didn’t teach us and I’ve kind of avoided it – my spatial skills aren’t the best 😉

      ( 🙂 )

  2. This is my all time favorite Mascara. (I always do waterproof — I melt not waterproof off at the drop of a hat!) Doesn’t flake at all. It’s the only kind of mascara that really makes me look like I’ve done anything to my eyelashes since they are already black — but this gives them some oomph anyway:

    And when I really want them to be Super Full and really feel eye-y I like this one. But this one does flake some.:

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