A Final Walk


Early on in our relationship, Jordan and I began taking walks. We didn’t intend to make walking a regular occurrence, but it became a way for us to steal a few quiet moments alone without distractions. Walking is also a great way to orient yourself to a new town, so we walk a lot on vacations and anytime we move to a new place.

Our first apartment, sadly, wasn’t in a neighborhood, but nestled in a larger complex, so our only walk option was amidst the condos. Not exactly ideal, but we made due 😉

The apartment we just moved out of was in a wonderful neighborhood. Old, unique homes, with children riding their bikes or playing baseball in the streets; it was a place where neighbors wave and greet one another. Picturesque really. When the weather cooperated, we would walk around the block a few times each afternoon. Sometimes we would veer off into town and find our way to Dairy Queen or stop by the library, but an agenda wasn’t necessary.

Last week, before we moved, we took our last walk through the neighborhood. A storm was brewing, so I’m glad I brought my jacket. We took our time lingering near our favorite homes, looking across the country club fairways to the clubhouse where our wedding reception took place… reflecting on future changes.

I will always look back on our time in this particular house with fond memories; moments of heartache and joy, growth and growing pains, but most especially love.


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10 thoughts on “A Final Walk”

  1. 🙂 Such a sweet post. I love that you have a post you can look back on and remember the details, feelings, favorite places. New adventures await, along with new memories to be made!

  2. Charley and I do the same. One of my favorite walks was right after we got married, our first as husband and wife. We lived in an apartment complex that wasn’t all that pretty so we used to drive over to the neighborhood on the river. We said we’d never be able to afford a house here but we could still walk here. 6 months later, we bought a house in the same neighborhood that needed fixing up to say the least. We sat on the floor and cried about how much we’ve hated this house sometimes but it’s what we never thought we’d have. Cheers to a great walk, great post. Xo

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