Heroine Queen


Last fall, my husband’s band, Hallows, released their first single, Tiny Heart. I am very excited to share with you all their second single, Heroine Queen, which was released earlier this week. Not only do I just enjoy seeing my husband behind a drum kit, it’s been really interesting learning the ins and outs of creating a song: the writing, recording, producing, and mastering. It is a lot of work and I have the upmost respect for people who make music their sole career!

As always, if you enjoy the song please share! We appreciate your support.


/ / Band photo by Joseph Fryer and Cindy He.

4 thoughts on “Heroine Queen”

  1. I like the snippet of the song I heard!! That’s so freaking cool. My husband was a drummer in a band for a few years, and it was the toughest but coolest thing EVER. I loved every second of watching him play and live out his passions. It was amazing. Congrats on this amazing success! ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  2. Oh my gosh AWESOME!!!!!!!! (We will have so much to talk about on our coffee date) 🙂 Just listened to Tiny Heart… can’t wait to have my husband hear this. Love it.

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