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Thank you for all of your responses to my first Truth Tuesday! I had so much fun compiling my first list, I thought I’d do another.

Here are my truths for this Tuesday.

/ / In junior high, I had a geocities website devoted to 7th heaven. I was pretty active on message boards, making friends and enjoying the community activity. Geocities didn’t have buttons for italicizing or bolding fonts, so I even learned how to code a little.

/ / In college, a couple friends asked me to “model” for a school project. I really hope Ogden* (who also photographed our wedding) achieved a passing grade because Oy! some of my faces are priceless. This was clearly around the time I watched a lot of America’s Next Top Model 🙂

/ / I swam competitively for almost ten years. Even at the peak of my cardio ability, I barely managed running a mile without gasping for air and stretching out a side cramp. Swimming for two hours each night? No problem. Running and I simply don’t mix.

/ / Food has become super complicated lately: paleo, vegan, gluten-free, whole 30, no sugar, sugar (only if it’s unrefined!), organic, but better yet just grow your own food on your own farm. Food is taking up a lot of headspace and yet, it’s such a privilege to be able to choose to eat or not eat something. I miss the days where as long as I ate salad it was okay to eat cake.

/ / After the 1996 USA Olympic women’s gymnastic team won gold, I convinced my parents to let me take lessons. It only lasted three months before I determined I should stick with water; there’s less hand/eye coordination needed.

What are your Truths for this Tuesday?

*© o.m.f.c. photography

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8 thoughts on “Truth Tuesday / / 002”

  1. LOVE the picture 😉 and this: “I miss the days where as long as I ate salad it was okay to eat cake.” Yes. I am so with ya on that one!

  2. Ogie?! I… We went to college together! And took photo classes together and he was on my yearbook staff – he’s the coolest! I didn’t know he friggin SHOT YOUR WEDDING!! Oh man. My brain hurts. I must sit.

    1. Ummm yes! That is so crazy! He was friends with a few of my coworkers. They would do the hair/makeup and use his photos for their portfolio. He was such a blessing because he had all of the equipment but was still in school (and not used to getting any paid work) so his price wasn’t crazy!

  3. I love swimming and can’t run a lick. Must be a thing.
    If you haven’t, read “French Women Don’t Get Fat” — even thought I/we can’t eat tons of foods, the idea of what she was saying has cleared a ton of headspace on food for me — I loved it. (It’s not written the best, but the concept, totally refreshing.)

    1. I haven’t read that book, Lydia but I have heard of it. The french really don’t seem to be hung up on what they eat or don’t eat. Everyone eats appetizers and desserts! (we got looked at funny at one restaurant when we were going to share hehe). Though they really do walk everywhere so it’s all about balance.

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