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Do you struggle with following your own advice? I know I do. It’s easy to say to someone, “Surrender to God”, and “Cast your worries on Him, cause He cares for you,” but actually living that out is a different story. Sometimes my prayers are pretty desperate, “How much longer?,” I ask. I suppose if I’m asking that, there is still more to learn.

People have told me that it’s brave to share our journey in this, very, public way, but I feel pretty far from brave most days. I feel like stress is showing up on my face (maybe it’s not the dairy?! 😉 ). And I would be embarrassed admitting how many times I’ll suddenly cry for no real reason other than I’m worn out from the emotional highs and lows.

The mind games are hard to fight. I continually catch myself, slipping into the rabbit trail I like to call, “Wallowing.” Which sadly, happens more than I’d like to admit. I suppose this is what life is about: the hard, gritty, raw parts; the parts that we’d like to bury, but really can’t face alone, so we reach out for support. Willingly, friends come alongside to support and occasionally give advice (and vice versa). As the words exit my mouth, sometimes I wonder if I believe what I’m saying.

Last week, Jordan suggested we play tennis (you know take advantage of the nice weather) and I resisted at first. After a few hours, I decided to take my own advice, enjoy the sunshine and release any frustration on the court. And you know what? It was really good advice.

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3 thoughts on “Following Advice”

  1. Definitely. I really do *try* to follow my own advice but often times, when giving it to someone else, I quickly follow it up with “I mean, I need to do this too.” It sure is easier encouraging someone else than it is to believe it for myself sometimes.

    I have a post… a draft, rather, that I’ve been keeping safely where it is- in my drafts folder – for months now. It’s so close to me, and as painful as it is, it’s also very precious to me. I know at some point I will share it… because, yes – maybe others going through the same thing will be able to relate. Even if it’s just one person who can relate, that will be enough for me to say “I understand” and I know there will be comfort in that, because it’s a reminder that I’m not alone. There is a time for everything. Sometimes you need the push of someone else’s advice to you, and other times- I think your heart will tell you when it’s right.

    This is a beautiful post. XO.

    1. Thank you, Emily 🙂 When I made the decision to share our journey of infertility I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go … but I have been blown away by the support (literally people I barely know have come out of the woodwork). At least for me, I don’t think God intends for us to go through challenges in vain. One way for me to make this “worth it” is to share and be open. Though it took me nearly a year to come to that conclusion!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up on my blog. I can relate to sometimes finding it hard to take my own advice. That’s one reason why I write the blog- to hold myself publicly accountable to what I’m trying to tell other people. I really appreciate your honesty here.

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