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Does anyone else remember the survey craze that swept through the internet during the early days of social media? I’m not sure what started it all, but I would fill them out constantly. I saw this on Sydney’s blog and thought it would be fun to take stock at different stages of the year. 

Making : no-knead bread.
Cooking : split pea soup.
Drinking : water. I try to have a glass next to me at all times.
Reading : Sense and Sensibility. It’s a goal of mine to read more classics that should have already been read.
Wanting : warmth.
Looking: at Pinterest for New York City travel tips.
Playing: Kye Kye’s new album.
Wasting: time! (why must you be so addicting, Pinterest!)
Wishing: the adult acne needs to go, seriously.
Enjoying: pillow talk.
Waiting: for our heat to be fixed?! It’s been a long few weeks with a finicky heater (landlord is currently problem-solving).
Liking: my new coconut oil moisturizer. I think it’s actually helping my skin.
Wondering: what this year will hold for our family. so many dreams and aspirations.
Loving: my husband. 
Hoping: for peace.
Marvelling: at how God works in my life even when I’m not looking.
Needing: grace, for myself and others.
Smelling: like my Davines shampoo.
Wearing: sweatpants and a blanket.
Following: the weather. It appears that another Polar Vortex is upon us.
Noticing: blessings. so many blessings.
Knowing: that tomorrow is a new day.
Thinking: about playing tennis again once it warms up!
Feeling: the need to purge and organize my life, pantry, wardrobe, home, etc.
Bookmarking: photography tips.
Opening: mail. Sadly most of it is junk.
Giggling: at how silly Jordan and I look with ski caps and blankets wrapped around our bodies in the office.

How do you stop and take stock?

Filled Out: 1/22/14

Original idea: Pip’s blog.

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