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I am drawn to urban living. I don’t usually crave wide open spaces. I prefer being able to walk to my coffee shops and grocery stores; parallel parking alludes me though, so I have to work on that. My ideal home is something like Kathleen Kelly‘s brownstone in the movie, You’ve Got Mail. I don’t even mind sharing walls with my neighbors and renting. While I’m able to appreciate the country, it is most definitely not for me. And the perfection that is the suburbs can feel suffocating at times. I need some grit and chaos. Jordan and I hope to move into a major city one day, but until that becomes a reality, we will continue to visit them often. Thankfully, the heart of Chicago is just a short train or car ride away.

Jordan’s been really busy lately, juggling various new projects and was craving a diversion. So without an agenda, we drove into Chicago over the weekend and walked and walked and walked! We ate burgers with avocados and bacon and drank lattes. I may have also stepped into Madewell and started drooling. Jordan was kind and let me buy a new shirt that was marked down so low it was practically begging me to take it home. Don’t worry, he finally picked up the new Arcade Fire album on vinyl so we shopped evenly 🙂

Nighttime in Chicago might be my favorite way of enjoying the city, especially when the Christmas lights are out. It’s so magical. Eventually, the rain sent us home and we started watching Man of Steel (and my girl crush on Amy Adams is ignited once again) before a sinus headache flared up. If you ever need to know if a storm is coming through, I’m your girl (my head sinuses sync with the weather).

Sinus headache aside, it was a pretty perfect day.





^Seriously, buy yourself some Hunter boots. You won’t be disappointed. This is one of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made.


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  1. I LOVE this post! I absolutely love walking around a city for an entire day–and yours sounds wonderful! I’m totally with you on your thoughts about the country, suburbia, and the city. I hope we live in a bigger city someday. Also–we’d never heard of Epic Burger before but I showed Zac the website and now he’s ready to move to Chicago. 😉 It sounds like the Chipotle of burgers! And I’ve never been in a Madewell–now I must go!

    1. I would say that Oxford has a nice big/small town vibe. Not too rural despite how it’s set back from London 🙂
      Yes, that is exactly how I was describing Epic Burger to my dad – haha.

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