The One About Friendship



Last week I was lucky enough to spend a day visiting with my best friend Lauren; celebrating her new baby and birthday! William is all kinds of wonderful and I enjoyed all the baby cuddles he gave me! We were able to take a few pictures before William decided he wanted to eat again.

It’s been really special watching Lauren become a mama. Please pardon the gushing that’s about to ensue.

Lauren’s been through it all with me and I mean Every. Embarrassing. Moment. (Remember the science fair we entered in 2001? Or the mono haircut of 2006?). Our journey began in Jr. High with a little nudging from our mothers, God Bless them. Because when you are in jr. high sometimes you can’t tell who the real gems are and need a little coaxing. It continued through high school, broken relationships, new friendships, college, marriage, babies, and moves. Our relationship is dear to me. I cherish the moments we are able to share with one another now that she lives in Nashville, TN.

After her visit, I had a great time looking through some old photos. I spared the really embarrassing ones because some outfits just don’t need to be relived.


I’ve learned a lot from you, Lauren but maybe we can learn how to take good pictures together? Maybe a picture where we’re both looking at the camera and not doing a funny pose. We’ll keep practicing.

3 thoughts on “The One About Friendship”

  1. Aw I loved this post! You and Lauren have come such a long way, how fantastic your friendship is still so strong over the years. Nothing like celebrating life’s biggest moments with the best of friends.

    1. Thanks, Kate! I’ve always thought maybe one reason we because fast friends and for so long now was neither of us have sisters. There was a need we had growing up and we were able to fulfill that with one another. Life’s moments are not fun when shared alone!

  2. Awww. It’s true. You do have something special. Your personalities, while not alike, complement each other beautifully. She’s the bacon to your eggs. Your the macaroni to her cheese.

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