To Garden with Love


If you visit my parent’s house during the summer, please expect a tour of my father’s garden. Mostly likely after the meal, but certainly before dessert. It is a beautiful little journey, full of colorful, lively flowers and a variety of delicious vegetables.

Over Father’s Day weekend, Jordan and I spent time capturing my dad’s handiwork.

I was lucky to grow up eating vegetables and fruit grown in my own backyard. Cucumbers, lettuce, onions, beets, green beans, radishes, so many herbs, apple and pear trees and the list continues. Between my mother growing up on a dairy farm and my father’s love of gardening, an appreciation was cultivated in my brothers and I for where our food is grown. Hopefully one day, their green thumbs will rub off on me and I won’t kill my house plants anymore!


pear tree



12 thoughts on “To Garden with Love”

  1. I love these photos! I love gardening, but I wish I was good at it. My grandfather was the chief horticulturist at the White House actually so I grew up with gardening in my blood and have been fascinated with plants and flowers ever since I was little. Thanks for sharing!

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