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Bar Taco Nashville

^ Everyone needs a mid-week taco date, with extra guacamole.

I hit 32 weeks on Wednesday and with that came my cankles again. I experienced a brief reprieve in my swelling and I was a little too hopeful I wouldn’t have to wear my compression hose as the temperatures rise, but alas I’ll be rocking them for the time being.

Do you have Memorial Day Weekend plans? Luck has it I actually have the entire weekend off! This comes as a complete blessing since my body is a little worn out. I don’t want to lay around all weekend, so I’m hoping to go strawberry picking! It’s the last weekend this particular farm in TN offers pick-your-own. I’m not sure there will be much fruit to find, but it’ll still be fun.

In addition, we have a double date on the calendar and some new bathroom shelves to assemble. Baby Yoshi is going to have a super organized bathroom!

Onto the links!

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2016 Reading Challenge | Book Three


Here I find myself in May only having finished three complete books for my reading challenge. I think I might be the slowest reader who ever decided to tackle a reading challenge. I don’t know how people read four, five, even six books in a month. I’m lucky if I finish one! I’m equally terrible at reading while on vacation so even though I brought my next book on our California excursion I’m still not finished.

But I digress, let’s talk about a book I did finish: All The Light We Cannot See. I won’t sugar coat things, I loved this book. My sister-in-law first mentioned Anthony Doerr’s best-selling novel to Jordan and I last year. We purchased a copy in the fall, intending on reading it together before bed, but first trimester exhaustion had me falling asleep hours before Jordan so there it sat, unread on my nightstand, for months!

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Styled | The Teal Dress


Jordan took these photos of me at the beginning of April. My how the bump has grown! As you might remember, I received a box from BUMPstyle  (a maternity clothing subscription service) which included several different outfits (1,2,3). You can read more about how their subscription service works here!

This dress from Jules & Jim was my favorite from the bunch. The fabric was extremely soft (which now really matters as I continue to grow into my third trimester) and teal is one of my preferred colors. I don’t wear a lot of color regularly, but I have a hard time turning away from teal.

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Weekend Links / / Bring On The Nesting

Baby Shower

Jordan and I arrived home on Monday from our Chicago baby shower. We felt loved and cared for all weekend and I can’t wait to share more about our time. Since coming home we immediately jumped right into our Nashville life and suffice it to say I’m exhausted! My body gently reminded me this week that more sleep is required and I’m doing my best to oblige.

Up until this weekend, if you walked into our apartment you would not think we were expecting a child. I restrained myself from purchasing much until after our showers but because of that we didn’t have the need to rearrange our current home situation. All that changed when we arrived with our gifts. Jordan went into a tape-measuring frenzy and came up with several furniture solutions that’ll give us more storage. I’m rather excited. Bring on the nesting!

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When People of the Internet Go Away

Hey Natalie Jean

I was casually scrolling through Twitter (aka procrastinating my to-do list) when I saw Natalie Jean share a blog post. She said it was her last. While still looking at my phone, I immediately started crying.

That might sound like the most pathetic sentence I have ever written but gosh darn it, it’s completely earnest and not entirely due to pregnancy hormones. Let me explain…

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Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh Spring Rolls

I’m excited to let you all know the latest issue of Holl & Lane Magazine is out! Issue 7 features my recipe for Spring rolls. A plate of spring rolls have quickly become one of my favorite ways to incorporate more fresh vegetables into my diet. They come with an added bonus as they require no cooking! I am always looking for ways to keep my oven turned off as the weather warms.

I started craving Thai food immediately as my nausea subsided, so spring rolls were eaten regularly for dinner. Rolling the rice paper is a little tricky at first but with a little practice you will find a method that works for you.

Enter code Issue7Friends&Family for 15% off!

Happy Eating!

Second Trimester Musings

Second Trimester Musings

According to the internet the second trimester is from week 13 through week 28. I’m now into week 31 so before I completely forget how my second trimester went I figured I should write it all down!

My first trimester wasn’t terrible but looking back it wasn’t all sunshine and roses either. I had all-day nausea though I never got sick. I was tired and bloated but still managed to go to work and get the basics done. My doctor kept telling me the second trimester was when you feel the best, but I didn’t wake up one day immediately feeling amazing. The transition into my second trimester was gradual.

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Weekend Links / / Shower Time

Photography © Kate De La Rosa

When Jordan and I were in California we spent a few days visiting our dear friends Kate and Erick. One of the days, while exploring the Golden Gate Bridge, Kate took a few impromptu photos of us. You might remember the photos Kate took of us last summer. It’s amazing to look back at those photos because we were completely unaware they’d be the last photos taken before getting pregnant. I’ll share more photos from this day in the coming weeks.

In other news…tomorrow is our baby shower in Chicago. It’s a little hard to believe we have arrived to this point. I feel extremely blessed and excited to celebrate Baby Yoshi with our friends and family.

Onto the links!

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Visit Nashville / / Sevier Park Fest

Sevier Park Fest

My hometown hosted a huge weekend festival every summer. The streets of the traditional downtown area would close for cars so that shops and restaurants could open out onto the sidewalk. There was music, games and lots of good food. It was a popular event and in high school I would often stay late into the evening doing who knows what. Just kidding we were most likely eating Dairy Queen Blizzards in the park. 😉

I was very excited to discover that our neighborhood in Nashville puts on a similar event! Jordan was in London for last year’s fest, but I made a mental note to go with him this year! We went on Saturday and it was the perfect way to end our three-week vacation.

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Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be… 

Beverly Hills California

Our West Coast trip began in Southern California and ended in Northern California. Usually, our stateside trips involve one major city at a time but I really enjoyed exploring different parts of one California. Besides my home state of Illinois, I’ve now seen more of California than any other state.

Although Jordan and I stayed closer to the coast, I still feel like I got good glimpses into the personalities of regions of southern, central and northern California. I discovered that Southern California is more my speed but the views as you drive the Pacific Coast Highway towards San Francisco are unbeatable. But that is post for another day. Today we are going to talk about Beverly Hills!

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